Cinco De Mayo

I hope everyone has plans tonight. For Cinco De Mayo bars and clubs are gonna be packed with plenty of chicks getting drunk off their asses which is a gropers paradise. Might even be tempted to buy a girl a shot or two to loosen her up. Already have both my cameras ready, one for upskirting and an underneath view while the other gets close ups of booty.

One of the greatest things about night vision cams is that when you record a girl in a tight black dress or leggings it usually has a transparency effect that shows their panties off. I haven't jerked off in 3 days either so that on top of Zinc pills are gonna make my load(s) huge tonight!

I've started editing a video of my past experiences the last month or two, but I'm waiting until tonight since I want to finish the video off with a bang, including everything I film tonight. The last couple times I went to the club weren't packed so I had less opportunity to grope, yet alone cum, but tonight should definitely be packed ass to ass in the club, or should I say dick to ass. If all goes according to plan my latest compilation should clock in at around 10-15 minutes long, can't wait until tonight!

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