Freaky Club Sluts

(Straight to the point)
I went to a club in the southern states, found a group of 3 big booty horny chicks that were pretty loose, l danced with the first one who had the roundest, phattest of the asses and she happened to be the shortest, it was fun & funny when we danced since I'm very tall and she's very short, she was squeezing the shit outta my dick while she grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy so I would rub it, which I did, some hater fag cockblocker bouncer who was envious of me said I couldn't dance with her the exact way that I was dancing with her (I dance on girls with my pants/shorts slightly down and boxers exposed so I can always get the closest thing next to being bare when I freak dance with a chick) then I ended up dancing with her taller friend who had on a short tight dress, we danced and as I danced with her I flipped my tooley out on her bare ass cheeks while I squeezed her soft jiggly round phat ass and lost it quick when she slightly bent her body, placed her hands on the wall and jirated her ass cheeks with my dick bouncing up and down back n forth off of her phat ass. I came on her booty meat and on the floor.
I came back to my senses and realized giggles coming from the "lookey loo" bitches but I didn't take time to waste looking at those snobby tramp whores.
I immediately asked my little nasty thick jiggly booty freak for her phone number and at the time I didn't have a phone so I had her write it down on a $1 dollar bill, LOL... I can't wait to hit another ratchet club like that down south again.

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