Tip To the Newbies

As I get closer to my day(s) at my first outing, I thought of a tidbit of advice for those that may like my kind of pleasure. I love to get my member massaged by beautiful, tanned, bare thighs this time of year when I start going to my venues. It is pure heaven for me. I’m definitely into nice round ass dancing on my tool too. But between the two pleasures I’m not sure which is best: cumming inbetween those cheeks, or cumming against that thigh-meat and then standing back to watch it rundown to their bare legs/ankles! The thought makes me dizzy! Well, here’s the small piece of advice: when in a tight crowd, if you can grope a bare thigh/lower ass-cheek without a reaction then your chance of pulling your bare member out and rubbing it against your target is greatly increased. I have done it so many times it’s just too easy. Last year at one of my venues I alternated between groping and actually “window wiping” my stiff one-eye across this beautiful shorts-wearing, long-legged blonde beauty that just stood there like a zombie while I had my way. I left so much cum on her bare skin it should be against the law! Oh, wait a minute, it probably is! Oh well, I guess I’ll be breaking those laws agin here real soon!

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