Saw a schoolgirl getting groped by a homeless guy (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Friday morning I was at a busy subway transfer station waiting for my train. As it was a transfer station it always gets really crowded at rush hour. A really drunk homeless men was begging the few persons waiting on the platform for money when two trains for the other line arrived, which made my platform getting really crowded. The homeless men was still begging everyone for money until he saw a young chubby indian schoolgirl. She had a cute shy baby face and very nice body for her age. She had small tits but a nice round ass. The guy was staring at her ass boldly and said "Damn". I knew right away that he would grope her. As soon as the train pulled in, I went right beside him. People came out, and the guy litteraly forced her in the carriage, which got really packed. I was able to squeeze right beside them. The doors closed, he smiled, then put his whole body against her. She tried to move a bit but couldn't as I was blocking her. She gave me an innocent look. I looked at her in the eyes, then stared at her small tits. She blushed and looked to the floor. The homeless guy began thrusting her lightly. As she showed no reaction, the guy went really bold, he took his dick out and put it right in her crack and moaned in her ear. She understood what was going on at that point and went really nervous. I got really hard. We were approaching her station. The guy noticed it and as she was getting ready to get out, he squeezed her left cheek hard then put back his dick in his pants. She had to get in between me and another guy to get out. When she came closed I asked her with a low voice "Did that dick feel good?" She started to shake and got out. When I arrived at work I had to jerk off two times as I was too horny.

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