News & Views From Coachella 2018 - Part II (news)

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Relevant quotes from story:

"During the 10 hours I was reporting on this story, I was groped 22 times."

"Of the 54 young women who spoke to Teen Vogue for this piece during the weekend-long event, all of them had a story of sexual assault or harassment that occurred this year at Coachella."

I'm curious as to how many men she interacted with that did not do something untoward? How many men did she NOT interact with (i.e., merely passed by in a crowd or elsewhere on the festival grounds) that merely - and merrily - let her pass without harm? If she was groped 22 times over 10 hours, was she in close proximity to another 220 men - or 2200 men - without incident?

54 festival going females cannot be taken as representative of a purported festival-wide problem as the article asserts.

Reading through the article, the author-reporter seemingly flits liberally between an incident being "harassment" and other incidents being "assault". This is done seemingly in a effort to over-dramatize some of these events. Speaking of which, if you take the time to read some of the descriptions of alleged acts of assault/harassment, it's clear that some were flirtations gone bad. And others bad attempts at passes.

What strikes me as somewhat unctuous, the reporter discloses that the trip was a sponsored trip - essentially, to get a story.

I won't somehow attempt to use that feminist hit piece to divine our activity. Matter-of-fact, I recently has a conversation with another rider where I said that "we" (as a collective of riders / chikaners) are not a particularly nice lot.

However, the slant of this article not only paints ALL MEN as predators, but ALL WOMEN as victims. Unfortunately, this is the message that carries the most weight despite "societal changes". Feminism has wrought a lot of said changes resulting from the messages - namely, sexual assertiveness - imparted during the sexual revolution.

That side of the story (female sexual assertiveness) will always be left out of the equation. There are male-hating feminist that just cannot fathom that some women will that actively seek physical contact in crowded festivals settings. Groping & "grinding" was, and often still is, the entree to a consensual sexual encounter.

It's that (conveniently???) removed fact - and as an admitted rider - that I somewhat take comfort. Though under-reported, it's fairly easy to find evidence in the form of quotes/interviews of the non-conformist view of female sexual assertiveness, be it that activity is in the form of groping/grinding/fellatio/intercourse. But, narrowing this down a bit to our activity, look at some of the quotes I've posted as images.

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