Miss J (Part 2) (WARNING: she may be 30-40 years old)

So when I was 15, John(refer to my origin story) transfer to another school and live with his relatives. So i dont have any reason to go to Miss J house anymore. Until that one fateful day, I took a morning jogging at the park nearby and i saw Miss J wearing tight jogging pants! I greeted her and we walk for a few miles. Sometimes when she run a little i could see her ass jiggles and that give me a really hard boner. So then we decided to stop under a tree. She took out her phone to show me a few picture of Johns(which i actually already see). While showing me Johns picture, she stand in front of me facing the other direction, which mean her ass is facing me. I took that chance to put my boner on her left ass cheek(Yeah im an ass fan now) and sometimes put my chin on her shoulder. She didnt mind at all. After a few second(yeah theres a lot of john picture) i became bold and took out my dick and rub it on her ass. Im sure she noticed it because suddenly she stop talking and laughing about the picture and just keep silence. Since she didnt say anything I rub my dick around her ass wilder. I mean, SERIOUSLY WILD like I went so deep on her cheek. Miss J isnt even looking at her phone gallery anymore, i saw her going thru her mails on the phone. Knowing that she let me touch her ass is such a turn on! Miss J then put her phone on her jacket, look around the park and ask me “youre done?” with a smile. IM SERIOUSLY GONNA EXPLODE AT THIS MOMENT!. So I hide my dick under my shirt and ask her if she could wait a minute, she just nodded with a grin and ask “should i just stand here?”. I nodded happily and continue to explore her ass, sliding up and down on her crack and right to left from cheek to cheek. And finally, I let out a loud moan and cum three shots. Two on her ass, and one on her leg( which she feels and look at her leg). I then put my still hard dick on her side still rubbing on her thigh( with a hope she would give me a handjob). I clean her ass with my hand and grab and squeeze it a few times in the process, maybe i squeeze to hard, she said “ouch” and ask me “is there something on my ass? Youve been grabbing it a few times”. HELL YEAH SHE TRYNA PLAY DUMB. I just follow her flow to play dumb and said no. After that we walk to her house while i sometimes grab her ass and put my hand on her hip.

So she invited me for breakfast at her house(at this moment i only thought of having sex with her) .
Miss J changed from tight jogging pants to cotton shorts. We didnt talk at all but im seriously horny. When we are eating i rub my knee at her thigh and my left hand rubbing my dick. She just continued to play dumb and talk about the neighbourhood project. So I put my left hand on her right ass cheek and start rubbing all over it. And then, my food kinda slip from the plate. She said sarcasticly “you shoudl use both hand you know”. So i grab her ass so hard and use two hand to eat.

After we eat, Miss J is washing the plate and i still have my boner. So I took this chance to hump her from behind. I took my boner out and put my right hand on the sink and my left hand on her hips. She ask me if im still hungry and laugh. At this point i thought there would be no secret anymore and we should just stop playing dumb. So while humping her, i ask if she could use her hand to finish me. She just keep silence and i feel a little turn off. So I just hump her hard( she already finish wahing the plate she just standing there). And cum, but this time I cum on her shirt a little. I continued the fapping motion on my dick and go beside her. I want her to look at my dick. But she didnt and said “i think its time forbyou to go home” with a smile. So i just went home with a hope i could get her one day.

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