Red carpet movie premieres! A MUST!!!!

Hey guys!

Last Thursday I went to the red carpet premiere of Avengers Infinity War. This was the second red carpet premiere I've attended with the sole purpose of chikaning and it confirmed the amazing situation I enjoyed during my first trip. Mark Ruffalo was there and also the director of the movie. There were like 8 rows of people in the crowd, adequate enough to work without problems.

The point here is that I've achieved almost a 100% of effectiveness during these premieres. Apparently the women and teens go crazy in these kind of events and when the stars appear (specially if they are male) they get really fucking horny! The climax is when they approach the crowd to sign autographs and then everyone shoves like if it was a fucking concert!

Also, since these events take place in upscale places the quality of the women is awesome. The bad part is that if they are hosted within malls you cannot cum on the babes asses since it would almost be a suicidal proposition. The place is filled with video cameras and with guards.

The following day I went to a concert and went 1 for 8... Too bad these fucking movie premieres are very scarce...

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