A good piece of info for youngerchikans

I’m gonna give young chikan a good piece of advice. You teen chikan can really get away with a lot of you know what to do. When you go to those concerts that get wild with all those hormones kicking in you can take advantage big time. Those young bands that thegirks lose their minds over really help you out. When I was younger I could grab ass and tits and everything I wanted to. You could cum on them because when they young they don’t no what it is sometimes. And you find the young ones that trying to be all grown and stuff and teach them a lesson and rub your dick on them and hump them and they maybe only came to a concert this one time and don’t know what to expect. I humped a lot of those back in the day and they didn’t know what to do just stand there and take it. Some get scared but some it’s a new experience and they are curious. One I drenched her thin shorts with cum and she felt it with her fingers and then smelled it! Fuckin hot! Made me get her again.

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