Think I’ve spoken about my school pursuits before.... school for me was crazy and it should be for any chikan tbh.

It’s risky with teachers but I did it so much, there was one very big bubble bottomed white woman we alll did for example, me and one other guy did it the most. Leaving break to go to our next class while everyone squeezed through narrow door ways etc gave you like a ten-minute window. Fire breaks etc. She actually know what was going on but never reported us.

It was a teacher who actually got me into chikan. This slightly chubby woman, but with a an extremely large and particularly wide ass gave me heavenly memories, it’s one of the biggest I’ve seen in real life. I had no intention of humping her but during a fire drill, as packed as it does with each class making way to the playground (I was like 14) she was pushed very hard back into me right onto my cock as we all got huddled together. I slid smack between her soft cheeks and I rode it for a short while before we all got spaced out.

Other places are during observations in class, like workshop-style lessons or science experiments. As you’re all huddled together you can get behind somebody. The amount of teachers I’ve had in my lap during moments like these is uncountable.

School should be a very good time for you if you don’t act too recklessly. Just be careful, you really don’t want to get caught at school.

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