Re: High School Butt Grabber

Don’t know if you’re asking anyone in particular or just in general. But my answer would be that back when I was in school (along time ago) things were so unorganized that whenever there was a function that required students to line up, there was chaos. I and many of my male classmates took advantage of the chaos to grab and hump whoever we could. And it extended to other schools as well. Homecoming at the public schools was another golden opportunity. Total chaos when getting tickets or at concession stands always presented chances. In my home economics class we would even grope the teacher, who was hot as hell! We’d gather around her when she demonstrated cooking techniques or sewing, which at our private school was required. Our school also took a lot of field trips, which I interpreted as hump day! On the school bus I rode, which was always too crowded, I would grope the shit out of a few girls. They weren’t allowed to wear pants at our school, so it was always plenty of temptation, which I couldn’t resist. Damn, I got away with so much groping back then it’s torture to even think about it. You have to look at your situation and figure out what will work.

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