Recent videos and Guest advice (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Hi everyone, my next video series release is complete. The target was a pretty blonde with a nice ass. Here are the videos:

Here are the other new videos that I forgot to post on here:

You will have to be my friend to view the full length videos for parts 1-3 of the series, so go to my profile and message me on xhamster! I still have a lot of videos in store, including 4 hump until I cum ones, so stay tuned to my channel!

Here is my channel, check out all my videos!:


If you're going to college, especially one where greek life is emphasized, then fraternity parties are good. Crowded bars/clubs are great too if you have a fake ID. Concerts and festivals are the best, you have a good chance of humping until you cum (I have around 10 times last year, got 4 on video) but bars, clubs, and frat parties are a lot cheaper per run. Crowded concerts and festivals yield the best results per run, but cost more most of the time.

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