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Re: Where to start...

Longtime lurker here, and I’ll tell you what I think you should do if you just out of highschool doin this shit: IDK where you live but that can make a big difference on where to go. If you live where subways are a busy mode of transportation you can find the busiest lines and maybe hit them up at their peak. Like in New York you got trains everywhere that I hear get really busy at the rush hours. If you live in a small town that’s probably the hardest place to chikan. But one alternative might be to try larger nearby cities if you can. Checkout their concert venues and festival in the spring and summer. I think some cities I couldn’t operate in. Like how do guys do it in places like Iceland, where it stay effin cold most of the year? Before I started hitting concerts and stuff I went to free gatherings like at the beach or parks where they sometimes gave free entertainment that families flocked to. Forth Of July did a lot for my “career”! Then I discovered standing-room-only shows that would sellout and cause people to crush the stage area. Try some of these places and soon you will get it

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