Spring is in the air!

I wish I could write that I nutted on a recent target, but not yet fellas, not yet. But I did do some mighty nice groping yesterday at a very busy farmers market. The day before Easter, and I knew it would be packed because it was a nice warm spring day. It’s been a harsh winter, so it was to be expected that the clothes would peel off as soon as it started warming up. But yesterday these beeyatches went crazy with the skin! I’m not in the position to write about nutting on one, but as soon as I saw the target that got my juices flowing I sure tried to plot to get my dick on her. She was a tall (5’11”?) Asian/white girl mix, and she was with a short Asian friend. Both were in shorts, but as soon as I spotted them through the heavy Easter crowd I knew I was at least gonna grope her. She had on the shortest shorts I’ve seen this year with what seemed like 5 foot tall thighs! I immediately had the thought of ‘how can I get my dick out and up against her thigh’? It wasn’t gonna happen today, but I sure wished I could get lucky and find her at my festival coming up! Now that would be a jackpot! Like I said, it was very crowded and I knew I was about to get my first really good grope of the season in. There wasn’t any way I was not, and within seconds I had her. I backhanded her with my knuckles, not caring at all that the short friend following right behind her saw me. I had to touch her-and I heard the friction of my hand against her right thigh as I went by, and so did her friend, who looked right at my hand. I glanced back to see if my target gave a reaction but she didn’t. The softness of her skin and the sound of my hand against it gave me an instant erection. And as my luck would have it they turned down a tight, crowded aisle where my mind really started reeling. These kinds of crowds I’ve actually worked before. This store is really old, and there are no cameras inside that can catch you doing these activities- the only way you’ll get caught is if a target screams on you, and it’s never even come close to that for me. I once had on thin shorts with no underwear and hada player. I actually pulled my johnson out right there on this same aisle and drug my semi across the side of her upper thigh and no one even noticed! On that occasion I was even able to make several passes at her, once getting precum on her skin before an older lady started getting hip to what she tolhought I might be doing. Anyway, this Asian girl had me dizzy with just the thought of touching her so I made a few more passes at her. Each time I knew she knew what I was doing: she would at the last second try to side-step my dangling right hand, but I would step into her closet at the last moment, guaranteeing contact. After the forth encounter I had to leave her alone because now I wanted my cock on her, and this is where you can get careless. I left her and even left the store. But boy it gave me a taste of what’s coming in a few more weeks!!

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