Miss J (Origin Story) (WARNING: she may be 30-40 years old)

Ive been here since two years ago. And I decided to share a few stories of my own. When I was 11. My best friend and I used to grope his MILFs mother while shes sleeping. You might think its impossible but its possible if she needs a sleeping pills everytime she wanted to sleep. So one day, my best friend called John invite me to his house to show me something. I know his mother is hot, but it never crossed my mind that I could touch her until that day. Her mom( lets call her miss J) is wearing a loose tshirt without bra and a tight jeans short. We play games at John room and he told me to wait until its 3pm. I still didnt know what hes going to show me. When its 3pm, we walked into Miss J room and shes asleep. I could hear her calm breathing pattern. John told me that she takes sleeping pills everyday around this time and she would get into a deep sleep. Meaning she wouldnt wake up even if you touched her. John unzipped his pants and take his dick out. He lay down beside his Miss J and start humping her round ass. At that time, ass isnt my things. But boob is! So I lay down on the other side and start sucking on Miss J tits on the outside of its loose tshirt. Gently caressing those perfectly shaped boobs. I was afraid she would wake up but John is humping her so hard to the point that her body is shaking so I start to be more aggressive. I put my hand under her shirt and start groping like crazy. And then something came on my mind, I put Miss J hand on my dick thats still under my pants. At that time i didnt know what handjob is but the idea of a woman hand touhig my dick is such a turn on.John stopped humping his milf mother and said ‘just go all the way through man, she wouldnt wake up’’ and continued humping her ass. After hearing that, I take my dick out and warp it with Miss J hand and start masturbating. Its so soft and good. I cum on her hand while sucking her tit. Her tits area of the shirt is wet full of my saliva. When John cum on Miss J ass, he cleaned our cum and show me Miss J closet. He asked me if I want any of her mom things. He recommended me the panties but I take a black bra and masturbate to it until I cum and we put it back in her closet. Since that day I would come and cum on Miss J almost everyday.

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