2nd success (two women)

The 2nd success was two different different women worth writing about.

They were both on transit, right after one another! I couldn’t believe my luck lol.

The first was a woman I regularly buttfuck. Never wrote about her as she’s never made me cum, quite difficult to on transit, but this time she did. She looks European, is y’all, and has huge thighs but this time it was her soft hands that made me blow.

Due to the transit I ended up near the pole, and immediately saw how low her hand was. I put my cock under my top, pointing upwards and leaned in. She immediately looked at her hand, and then my face, then forward. She left it there, right along my shaft and alittle on my balls.

We must have been going at it for about 15 minutes. At first she made a knuckle, and I rubbed my boner along her fingers side to side sometimes slow sometimes faster. I was throbbing and could feel pre cum oozing. All the while she would just occasionally look at her hand or my face, at one point I even saw a smirk as she was facing forward! At times I felt her move her hand around and the changing pressure was such a turn on, it was like she was resting herself on me, not the pole.

To avoid repetition I’ll move on to me cumming. She moved her hand upwards a little, and it was right on my swollen head now. This was driving me crazy. I could feel her big, soft, knuckle right on my head as I was throbbing and leaking, and I sort was moving up and down, or left and right slowly so it felt like she was rubbing my cockheas, trying to get me off. I would look down and see my cock snuggled right about her hand and it’d be such a sight.

After some time, I could feel my cock being bet slightly as I pressed on her. I realised she had positioned her fingers in a way to rub my cockhead as her hand was resting on me dick! After that it wasn’t long till I came under my shirt. I made her fingers rub and rub my boner till I couldn’t take anymore.

The second woman was short, and reading a book. She came into the transit at exactly the stop the one that made me cum left at. It was such luck lmao. Again, I noticed how low her hand was but originally I wasn’t going to try and put it on her as I thought I was all done. But the chance was there for the taking so after about a minute I put my cock back up my top and put it on her.

Again, this one didn’t even look me, but I later realised oh she definitely was game. As I put it on her, because she was quite short I had to bend my knees abit, but as Indid, it my head smack bang on her hand. Lord. But that’s not the best bit. She started moving her hand around and it was rubbing my erect head! I looked forward and my eyes rolled back in my head as Ingot harder and harder. If I hadn’t just cum I swear I would have unloaded right here.

After some time, I just aggressively rubbed left and right, and moved move on her and off, just feeling her hand massage my meat. I made my cock pulsate and throb and she still didn’t move, that’s when I was sure she knew what that hard warm thing on her hand was. I looked down and could see she was pressing against me, not really the pole as there was some space between the pole and her weak grip of it. She was feeling me up. We stayed like this for maybe 10-15 minutes before it was both our stops. I actually felt close to a second cumming, I guess maybe 5 more minutes and I would’ve.

What a morning that was.

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