Two recent successes

Had two excellent successes recently.

The first was at a parade. I rode a few bubble butt women before I hit the one that squeezed my cock to completion.

She was blonde, alittle tall and was wearing jeggings. She actually was with a man, and I’m unsure if it was her partner but I think so lol. The moment I eased into her with it in my jogging bottoms she didn’t flinch so I didn’t even really test her. I put it on her, and she started bouncing up and down inmy lap. With my cock at 6 0’clock she was literally stroking my hard cock with her booty crack. It was heavenly. I was throbbing and all sorts. We stayed like this for about ten minutes.

During an intermission stage she turned around and sorta looked into the crowd. I was looking at her out the corner of my eye, and she glanced at me at one stage, so I knew she could feel me and was ok with it.

She turned back around and we did the same thing, her dragging her cheeks wrapped around my boner up and down my length. I could feel my cock being squeezed as she bounced. After a few minutes I took it out and put it 6 0’clock. Still no reaction, but she did stop bouncing for a second. I just put it in her crack, lightly pushed in and moved side to side so I could feel her bootys grip on me, and man, it was tight.

After doing that for some time I started to press all up on her harder, really burying my cock between her ass with her back close to my chest, like we were fucking and she just sat that booty on me. I could feel my head being rubbed by her cheeks and it was driving me crazy. I was throbbing a lot now, and all this time she didn’t look back. I kept going in and out of her booty till I started cuming with my cock right inbetween her.

Gotta love the festivities man.

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