The cumback

My weekend was pretty busy, went to a pre-game St. Patricks day party and the new bar I tried sadly wasn't that great. For a Friday night it wasn't that packed so that meant less groping opportunities. I held off masturbating for a few days, made sure to take some Zinc and be well hydrated. A group of girls were standing around the bar and I came so close to cumming on one of until they got their drinks and left. I got a lot of gropes in but I don't really feel satisfied if I don't get to cum.

I cut my loses and went home after, still yearning to cum. The next day I went back to my usual bar which was my first time going on a Saturday and it was packed to the brim. There were tons of times I was butted up dick to ass to many girls, and I made sure to enjoy every second of it. One of the first girls I went after was an Indian with a group of friends that got in the way, mainly the guy friend who was trying way too hard to impress her and get a dance from her while I was fucking her from behind. I ran into the group later and her drunk friend was bumping into me, so I figured I'd take advantage even though she was slightly less hot than her friend I groped before. The best moments of groping are when the girl bends over the listen to her friend or yell something in her ear while your dick is up against them. I was close to cumming, but needed more coverage and a better target.

Later I saw this petite Latina dancing with her boyfriend/husband and while salsa dancing she winded up shaking and rubbing her ass up against me in the crowd. I took the opportunity to turn towards her with my dick out so her ass backing into me felt great with her tight ass on leggings. I could feel myself about to cum and the crowd became so crowded that she was bumping into my dick harder and harder.

I reached my limit and blew my load all over her ass. It was such a relief and felt like forever while I was unleashing spurt after spurt on her. Looking at the damage her ass was covered, and later I saw her boyfriend with his arm around her waist, only a few centimeters from my cum. She gave no reaction and I marveled in my new "painting". Confetti rained down in the bar and one piece of it was stuck to her ass with my cum. Got a few pics to share from night out...

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