Re: Black Shogun/Indian girls

Black Shogun, where I live the Indian population has skyrocketed over the past 15-20 years. It is a thing of beauty in my mind! Never have I lived amongst so many of them, and the father of a neighbor of ours actually became a good friend. But they are different people than what I grew up with. Anyway, because of the large amount of them here in my city, the younger ones are into the same things the young black and whites are into. They show up at the festivals I frequent in every type of enticing clothing a chikan could hope for. I’ve had them in daisy dukes, spandex, leggings, short dresses, and even one in my personal favorites: pajama bottoms! Everyone rants about leggings which is great, but I find that those pj bottoms that they were wearing out for a while were the best: they were thin, soft, and loose! Which allowed the head and full shaft to sink in with no resistance! Wedgies were the given with those! I came on one and because of the soft cotton I super-soaked her! Ah, memories!

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