Anticipated for the weekend

I can hardly wait for the weekend, especially since the two sports bars I have in mind have pre-game St. Patricks day events going on this Friday. Since it's renowned as a holiday for drinking you can bet they'll be tons of drunk girls there making groping all the more easier.

Girls like these are a dime a dozen at my local club, skirts just seem to get tighter and shorter with each visit, it's practically a banquet of booty for any groper. Feeling the material of their dresses, and how their asses feel in them never gets old. Over the last year or two I've groped dozens of asses and the rush from doing it beats sex at this point. I guess it's the power aspect of sexual lyrics dominating a girl in public surrounded by hundreds of people while everyone is too busy to notice and she's too embarrassed to say or do anything.

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