Standing doggy with round blonde teen ass in yoga pants (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Gooooood MMMORNING! Last night was S-S-S-SUPER fun! Nutted twice again, once in the duration of the main band's announcement on stage to the end of the first song and once in the duration of last song. Both of my targets were slim pretty blonde teen white girls with PLUMP ROUND butts! They were both wearing black yoga/leggings hybrid pants and they felt like heaven as always! Had to put a bit more work in humping till cum in the first nut, and for the 2nd nut, I was literally fucking her stand up doggy style in order to get my nut! I thrust my groin and bare dick and balls IN and out IN and out of her soft warm ass crack and was POUNDING her ass cheeks! I nutted with my bare dick deep between her ass cheeks while plastered-humping her orgasmically! Went to heaven for what seemed like forever while I laid my whole body on her back, my face in her long blonde silky shampoo'd hair and on her head. After I got to my senses, I hugged her from behind, smelled her hair again, kissed the back of her neck, gave a tighter hug, grabbed her ass cheeks hard, slapped them, and then left sated with complete satisfaction… Ahhhhhh…!!!

ALWAYS hump and nut with bare dick out! I literally can't hump with pants/underwear/shirt/ANYTHING covering my dick since I am too used to having my bare dick out while humping and cumming! 4 days in a row, day 1 done, 3 more to go! Then break for 3 days, recharging for that day 1 nut again! NO recharging for the month of April though! It's a marathon!

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