Grinding at the club

Last week I was at the club and I've been having fun after coming out of retirement. I enjoyed palming and squeezing this Indian chicks ass while she was talking to her friend. She was getting wary of me so I had to find a new target since she started standing more with her back to the wall so I couldn't grope her anymore. One of my goals is to cum on the ass of an Indian and Muslim girl, since those are ones I find really attractive.

I'm starting back from the basics of groping, so before I go back to cumming on girls at concerts and clubs I just do brief ass grabs and dick gropes to work my way up again. A strategy I like to employ in crowded clubs is to stand at the outskirts of a crowded area where many people will try to squeeze through. That way when a group of girls are trying to squeeze their way by you can grope them all as they pass. I had my dick out once I saw a group of sexy Latinas trying to get by and put my hips out so my dick would be more in their path.

The first girl turned her back to me to sidestep through, and my dick dragged across her huge ass for what felt like an eternity. Even better was that her path got blocked and she couldn't move so I let my dick throb against her until she could move again. Then her friends followed up but were walking forward so my dick rub up against their thighs and hands which felt great as well.

My final groping before the night was done was awesome too. I saw this sexy Latina girl shaking and tweeting her ass. The club wasn't as packed as it usually is so I wasn't in a position to try and cum but I did have my dick out at brief times. But I still crave the days when I was able to cum at every outing but that should be in the near future as I get accustomed to it again. Anyways, I was super horny and most of the hot girls and targets I was groping had left for the night and the place was gonna close in less than an hour. I took a chance since I saw her dancing with a guy before and grabbed her hips and pulled her ass into me, crotch first. My dick was out under my shirt and it shot up once it felt her soft ass rubbing up against it.

I expected her to push me off but she instead arched her back and began grinding on my dick! I was just going to town on her ass at that point and eventually she turned around and put her leg around my waist and started grinding on me from the front. Since she had on a short dress I could feel her panties and pussy lips pressed up against my dick. As good as it felt I know I couldn't cum since I didn't have enough cover around me to and if I did she would have definitely gotten pregnant lol. But what was really the cherry on top was when I saw her look up at me and I saw her face. I knew she looked familiar and then I finally realized that she was the same girl I groped a couple months back while she was leaning over the bar trying to order drinks.

I'm getting my confidence back and this weekend is St. Patricks day so I know they'll be tons of drunk sluts at the club. Definitely trying to cum on one of them, and here's a picture of the girl I grinded with that I realized I groped before.

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