Helped a fellow chikan to grope a schoolgirl (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Down where I live there is a big mall downtown which a lot of private school girls go after school to hang out. Of course, I go there from time to time to watch them. After about an hour, I was getting ready to go back home and was heading towards the subway station connected to the mall when I noticed two nerdy asian schoolgirls going to the subway too. They looked no more than 14 years old. I love asian teens as they always look shy which turns me on a lot. We were getting to the platform when I saw a tall black guy walking towards us staring at their young bodies and as soon as they passed him, he quickly turned around an started to follow them closely. I knew right away that he was going to grope them. As we reached to the platform, it was crowded already as it was rush hour. He was standing behind the one with the shorter skirt and he was staring at her with lust in his eyes. When the subway came in, it was already crowded and as soon as people got out, the crowd gave a big push to try to get in. I immediately saw him try to palm her ass as he was pushing her hard into the carriage, but he was having trouble as her schoolbag was in the way. I told her ''Hey young girl, can you take your bag off? Make room for other people'' I looked at the guy and smiled he smiled back knowing I did it to help him get her. She gave me a shy look and said ‘’sorry’’ and took off the bag. He quickly placed his hand behind her while standing at her side. I was sanding on her other side, which gave me a good look at both of them and which prevented her to move away from him. There was no more room in the carriage and the doors closed. Her friend was by the door and was too far to talk to her. As soon as the train moved, he glued is dick to her hip while staring at her young body. It took her a few minutes to realize she was getting molested and when she noticed she looked at him, but as he was staring at her body she looked down to the floor, all shy. This turned me so on I got hard instantly. She looked at me with a ''please help me'' look, but I looked at her in the eyes, then stared at her young tits. She blushed and looked at the floor again, with fear in her eyes. The black guy noticed, smiled at me and moved his dick to touch her hand. As soon as she felt it, her eyes went really big and she didn’t know what to do. She was getting ready to get off at the next station, and just before she exited the train, I gave her a full hand grab on her left cheek, which was really soft. The guy backhanded her right tit and out she was.

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