Things that go bump in the night

Nice one Captain Chikan, that ass you posted looks insane, my dick would melt between those cheeks. Also love your videos as well.

I had success last weekend at the club. Got a bunch of gropes in, one of my favorite girls that night an Indian chick whose ass I palmed and squeezed every chance I could get. She got wary and started hanging out with her friend with her back against the wall so I had to find another girl.

The one I got at the end of the night made it worth the wait though. This Spanish girl (that's her ass in the picture) was dancing and shaking her ass to the music with her back arched, which made her ass stick out even more. I get antsy near the end of night if the concert is almost over or the club is about to close and I haven't groped enough.

Watching her shake her ass made me horny enough to unzip and whip out my dick. It was last call at the bar and I needed to get a good grope in before I left by any means. I put my hands around her hips pulled her ass straight into my throbbing dick. Instead of shoving my hands off of her hips and backing off she started grinding on me, kneading her ass cheeks into my boner. I was in heaven, and each motion of her hips had me thrusting into her in return. During this I was grabbing her tits from the back and even reached down and felt her pussy lips through her dress, spreading them apart with my fingers.

Later she turned around which I felt was the last of my fun as she realized my dick was out. Instead she started grinding on me from the front and lifted her leg up and put it around my waist. My dick head was pressed up against her panties since such a short dress rides up easily, especially when your leg is up in the air. I thrusted wildly into her while my left arm was holding her leg up around me and my right arm was holding her back.

The best part was that after looking into her eyes wondering why she looked familiar I realized that she was the same girl whose ass I grabbed and groped weeks earlier at the club. When she was at theĀ  crowded bar I came up behind her and pressed against her until she eventually found a way out of the crowd.

Now that I know she's a regular I'll be looking forward to a nice little bonus each weekend I go from now on.

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