January on the Bus (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

How are people in the forum? I will relate an encoxada that happened this year. I was waiting for my bus, there were girls waiting for the bus but they had a small ass, that bothered me a lot. So I resigned myself and took a bus that I knew was going to be full. Well I went up and wanted to advance more to the middle of the bus, but I could not. There was a girl in front of me and on her back, I wanted to encoxada at her, but she had her backpack on so I regret it. The traffic was terrible. Sometimes people get off the bus and walk to lose more time.In that I see in the middle of the bus that a boy is placed behind a girl, I could not observe well the body of this girl, but the boy begins to encoxar to her. That's where the ticket collector passes, and the boy had to move to the right of the girl, the boy was blushing. Then I took a risk and asked permission to advance to the middle of the bus. I stand behind this girl, I look down and I think: OH MY GOD THANK YOU, THIS YOUNG GIRL, HAD A GREAT ASS, HER BUTTOCKS OF HER WERE WELL SEPARATED!
She was a little dark skin, despite her young age her body was well developed.
Then I decide to encoxar to her, covering me with the backpack so that it did not notice. I was approximately 15 minutes behind her, squeezing my dick between her great buttocks. It was fantastic, until the people on the bus got off and I had to move ...

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