Nutted TWICE part 1 (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Morning all! Last night was super fun! I came during the beginning of the main band and also at the end of the main band! You already know how I do my preparation! Read my first story if you haven't already! That is how I prepare! Except, no beer this time! No BS needed at all! As always, VIP tickets, express lane! Found my target, 18 year old blonde teen girl wearing super thin black yoga/leggings hybrid pants! She was pretty and had a super fucking soft firm plump ass! Blue eyes and very long hair! I was already behind her and started to lightly play with her ass until the opener came on. I played with it even more after the opener came on and I know it just wasn't the time to hump and cum on her yet. So now we are waiting for the main band to come on.

When they did their announcement and was about to come out (they didn't even come out yet!), the whole crowd surged up hard and I literally just plastered my bare dick upward position against her tight plump ass! I started to grind slowly, moving my lower area left and right and up and down, in circles! My bare dick was deep between her ass cheeks and then she was tightening it up! I began to grind harder and harder and kiss and smell her hair, my nose all up in her blonde hair and just kept grinding with great pleasure until I came inside her ass crack and all over her ass cheeks! My hands were on her hips, face in her long blonde hair, touching her head, and I was in pure ecstasy when I was orgasming all over her! After that, I was exhausted mentally and physically, and I just stood there being pushed around, but making sure I was still behind my target.

Part 2 soon! Today is a break day, the humping resumes tomorrow!

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