Short stories

Just like allrounder always says a short story is still ideal one to talk about so here's a short story

Me and my mom was on the bus to the mall and it was crowded so theres was these two white girls both look like 15 one is fat and the other one was perfect. They were both wearing black tights. So the one I was looking at had her back turned and was facing the doors and her ass to me I was about to go in but my mom and I had to go sit down as two seats opened up. On the way out I did squeezed her ass as the bus was still crowded. It was jiggly and soft.

On to the next one we were in a clothing store and this lady who looks late twenties white lady was wearing black tights showing off her nice well rounded ass and a pullover with a purse over the shoulder. I saw her in the store and was eyeing her nice fat ass. So as soon as my mom goes in the line to pay fat ass goes after and I sneakily go behind fat ass. She was talking to her friend and her ass to me. I finger touch left ass cheek no reaction palm it no reaction then I put my dick in that ass oohhh nice and firm her cheeks were spreading and her crack felt nice. I was even smelling her hair. Smelled like flowers. Her ass was nice and on the spot on my big dick. Like she was sitting on my dick. I quickly had to stop it as my mom was calling me about something so on my way to her I squeezed fat ass ass and said excuse me. LOL! she looked but didnt say anything I'm such a gentleman.

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