Re: Arm Humper - Strangest Situation

I'll tell you what I really find strange is how some guys are dressed when workin'. For instance, there is a guy that I see quite often at events. His gear of choice includes wearing white pants. Yes, WHITE PANTS!!!

I suppose it's to his credit that he comes prepared with an extra garment. Keeps it draped across his arm while in action. However, if ever there was a guy who just wished incrimination upon himself, it's gotta be this guy I'm referring to.

Years ago at Venice Beach, there was a guy we called 'Pepsi Man'. Why? Because dude drove one of those delivery trucks for a distributor. Whenever he had the time, he would come to the beach dressed in his navy blue overalls replete with a big Pepsi logo on the back.

I don't know if he was busted at VB, but I do know he didn't last too long out there.

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