Groped at 15 (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Hello, I'm new to this site and by new I mean I JUST found this site maybe 45 minuets ago. For starters I am a female, not sure if a lot of females post here but I thought what the hell I'll share my stories.

This first story (hope to post more later depending on the reactions I get)

I'm 24 now but this takes place when I was 15.

Growing up I was bit of a tomboy but I still received some pervy glances from both boys and grown men. Being somewhat on the chunky side as a kid I developed early and by time I hit 13 most of the weight I was carrying was in my ass. That's when my parents started to grip the parental leash a little harder. I assume it's because out of my siblings and I, I was the one who got caught looking at X-Rated shit a lot (forgot to delete browser history, didn't change the channel fast enough when the 'rents came back in and so on)

So yeah it makes sense that once I hut puberty my freedom was limited and my parents dropped me of EVERYWHERE. It was rare that I got to go anywhere by myself. Fast forward two years later, and I was able to convince my parents I was old enough to travel on my own. I live in a small college town that has an active bus line with various routes, this being my main source of transportation at the time and later location for a few sexual moments with strangers.

My first experience, at least the earliest I remember clearly (been having some repressed memories resurface that turns me on) happened one summer on my way to the mall. Just left the house thought I was running late and saw the bus pulling into the stop at my house. Not wanting to miss my bus and delay meeting my friends I hightailed it down the hill and made it right as the bus was about to leave. Once on, I noticed the bus was pretty packed so not many seats left. I was able to grab one closer to the back and had the two seats to myself for a second.

At the next stop a mother a child duo got on and feeling nice I gave them my seats. With no other seats available this left me standing for the next 20 minuets in lost in my mind. The next stop a few college kids got on and everyone sort of squished together packing those of us that were standing into a tight huddle. Though cramped I was still lost in thought when I felt a hand on my ass. I whipped my head in the direction of the hand and saw an older mexicn man standing next to me, staring out the window. Didn't think much of it being so cramped and all so i resumed staring out waiting for the bus to clear out.

Not 5 minuets later the hand was back and this time cupping my ass. Instead of reacting I acted as if i didn't notice. Now being that it was summer I was wearing what i thought was a reasonable length skirt for my age. This guys fingers stopped right at the hem of my skirt. After a while he slowly started to caress my ass and I don't know why but I started to get turned on by this stranger touching my ass. I guess my lack of reaction was enough for him to take the next step because I soon felt him rubbing his hand up and down my thigh.

By now I am pretty turned on by this stranger rubbing on me and kind of wanting it to go another step. With this in mind I spread my legs just enough for him to rub closer to my pussy. He did take the bait but he was still focused on my ass and moved his hand up my skirt. I had recently started wearing thongs behind my parents back, so I'm loving the feeling of this mans hand on my bare ass. With his hand fully up my skirt and on my ass and giving me one hell of an ass massage alternating between cheeks, I've reached a high point of sexual tension between my legs and just craving for this guy to finger me.

Sadly he got off at the next step but not before he gave my ass one more firm squeeze. Wouldn't be the last time I caught an "ass man" but that moment opened a new door in my sexual experience (back then the most I done with a guy was heavy patting and grinding above clothes). I was amazed by how turned on I was that when I finally reached the mall I fingered myself
in the bathroom before meeting up with my friends.

*Sorry if it was a little long and not as detailed with the groping parts, but if you liked it I have more stories to tell*

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