Re:All Rounder gospel concerts

It’s been awhile but I’m back. Not from jail. Just haven’t posted in a while. The original Freddy doesn’t respond to my correspondence I send to him asking for tips. I guess he assumes it will incriminate him further because the guards read outgoing mail. Anyway Gospel concerts. There’s a popular church in Harlem that has a lot of white tourist all tho it’s a “black” church. It gets so packed it takes a half hour when everyone is leaving. They don’t dress up no more in church but even when they wearing jeans the packness of the slow moving crowd u can grind away and u have plenty time to cum. It’s no way to move so the chics dnt even notice. I’m pleased to know I’m not the only one who finds this acceptable. I will post specific stories when I feel like it. Have a good day u perverts.

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