Re Shoulders

I think Guestz did a reasonable job of explaining it, but I also get off on armhumping or shoulders because I like them to know what it is on their arm so close to their pretty faces, bare cock to bare shoulder is hard, only manage that when the girls are drunk and a few times I had it on a drunk girls shoulder as they were talking to their friend on the inside seat, often the girls have on a low cut top showing their tits, that just doubles the fun, some girls gesticulate when they talk and a few times I have had clueless drunk girls move their arms up and down at the same time moving my hard cock around with them, sometimes they slowly drunkly realize the heavy hard hot thing on their arm is a cock and so far all of them have lowered their arms and accepted their fate, whilst I fuck their arms like a piece of meat....I love that as I am NOT into consensual I like to TAKE it not be given it ;) a few times again on crowded buses I have gotten my cock om bare hands, I love that too

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