Re: Big T/shoulder humping.

I’m not into the shoulder humping-thing, at least not yet. But what I think is a turn-on won’t necessarily be for the next guy. For instance, I like grinding ass, but my biggest thing is cuming on bare thighs! Not everybody will understand my fascination with that, but I think it stems from a combination of things as I was growing up. First, when I was just a small lad, a neighbor (Hispanic and beautiful) would come over in a dress to visit my sister. I remember she was sitting in a small chair in our bedroom and I pressed up against her thigh and it felt really good. By the late 60’s/early ‘70’s the mini skirt dominated women’s fashions, and I grew really fascinated with all the glamour magazines that post white girls and short dresses and hot pants all over the magazines. When I got old enough to go out and hunt, all I dreamed of doing was cuming on what I imagined was the ultimate: white girls thighs. Of course I practiced on sisters first. That is one thing that really made me want to do my nasty. I had a sister tell me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my practice, that she thought it was “sexy”! So when it comes to shoulders, I can kinda understand the reasoning a little. Imagine being on a crowded bus and your dick it pressed up against a soft, smooth shoulder and the girl knows it, but just doesn’t know what todo, or better yet, she is getting off on it! Believe it or not Big T, some girls like the power they assume they have by getting you to come. In fact, some girls see it as a compliment that you “except” their appeal by cuming on them. Some girls don’t care for it. It’s the same as somegirls sucking every bit of “juice” out of a dick and some girls that will not suck-period!

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