I did my usual thing on Friday morning, ejaculating with my male member pressed into the shoulder of a milf on the bus. I am grateful for all the favourable conditions that I enjoy as a frotteur here. You can get full buses on everyday of the week (last year I did it on Sunday a number of times); public transportation is cheap; and it's warm all year round, so I never have to go into hibernation or worry about women wearing coats. Added to this are a number of personal factors that favour success. If a woman says no, I respect her decision and move on, so when women talk about me, as they must, I don't get a reputation as a rapist or a molester. This obviously favours my practice. I am also blessed with the ability to reach the climax easily and quickly without requiring a lot of stimulation. Furthermore, I am lucky that even though I am getting on in years, I don't have any difficulty getting and maintaining an erection.

I humped and came against my first target 35 years ago. I was a schoolboy and she was a full-grown woman (she is now dead). I started my career of intense activity about 22 years ago and since then I have ejaculated against close to 1,500 willing women. I keep detailed records, so I am not guessing or just pulling a number out of the air. This kind of success would not be possible without all the favourable factors, personal and environmental, mentioned above, for which I am extremely grateful.

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