Reverse Chikan (WARNING: she may be too young)

In my world women reverse chikan me all the time. If I go somewhere new for the first time I'm called "Fresh Meat" by the girls there.

In clubs girls grab my ass, grope my chest "by accident" for too long, form circles around me while I'm dancing on the dance floor, and "accidentally" have their ass on my knee while I'm waiting at the bar for my drink. Sometimes I say, "hey, your ass is on my knee. What up wit dat?" They laugh and just say, "Oh, excuse me." I have had girls take my hands and put them in their pants and/or put them on their titties while dancing.

In Bars the older women grab my hand and force me to dance with them around in a circle and they buy me drinks.

I have had women in grocery stores back their asses up on me and then move up and down to grind on my dick. Like, "is this really happening?"

When I go to concerts young girls make conversation with me in the line outside and ask me to stand behind them when we go inside the concert. Different groups of them then I have to decide who I will go in with.

I enjoy it when girls grind their asses on me, grope, me and do all kinds of flirty stuff.

Sometimes I put myself in harms way just to see what they will do.

My question is if there are any reverse chikans here? Female Chikans that seduce guys.

I know for a fact that you are out there.

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