Humping and cumming in teeny pretty brunette white girl TIGHT and PLUMP butt wearing yoga pants (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Had a FANTASTIC night last night! This will be my first time writing my experience here and, most recent! Here it goes!

So last night, a town was celebrating a holiday early and people from all around were gathering there to celebrate. I know there will be tons of 18-22 year old white girls with tight and plump butts that are so fucking PRETTY that will be celebrating! The event lasted the whole day, but night time is where it REALLY mattered! That is because there is a famous artist coming to town to play a show! I got there 15 minutes before doors opened and since I always get VIP tickets, I went in through the VIP line before doors opened! After I got in, I got prepared in the bathroom and got myself a beer and a bottle of water. Stupid guy wanted to throw the water bottle cap away, just tip him $5 to keep it! I went back to the bathroom and poured out 3/4 of the beer, so I have 1/4 of the beer left. I only use it for show! I keep the water bottle in a tailored pocket under my thighs of my tailored black chinos joggers. My chino joggers were custom made to have a large flap in and around, fully covering my groin area, and also has a large fly area where when I take my dick AND balls out, it is fully covered by the large flap! I know there will be a lot of drunk and pretty teeny white girls with plump tights butts wearing YOGA/LEGGING pants coming tonight, I saw a LONG line of them waiting outside! There were 2 openers + main act. I already have the potential targets in the front rows from the VIP line and am just waiting for the doors to open to see the BEST candidate to hump!

The doors opened and in came all the TEENY PRETTY WHITE GIRLS with PLUMP AND TIGHT BUTTS! Oh my god, most of them were wearing YOGA and LEGGINGS pants! Well, not ALL of them had a plump and tight butt, but I LOOKED for the ones who did! But, there were still MANY of them, and I had to make my decision quick and concise as always! Well, you guys know this part; I got behind my target, a TEENY PRETTY WHITE GIRL with a TIGHT and PLUMP ass wearing YOGA PANTS! We waited for the openers to start, and the crowd keeps getting bigger! I got SO many other potential targets in my mind, and can't WAIT to hump the shit out of their plump, tight, bubbly ass in yoga pants! The openers started and the crowd was already PACKED! I placed my beer down on the floor a good distance away, and was ready to HUMP! My dick and balls are out and covered and am READY to hump the shit out of my teeny TIGHT PLUMP BUTT pretty white girl! I had already backhanded and palmed BOTH her tight plump ass cheeks and had her SIT slightly on my palm, middle finger slightly forward to EMBRACE her WHOLE super fucking plump and tight ass!!!

She was 19, so fucking pretty, AND drunk! Brunette, hazel eyes, SUPER soft and smooth light olive skin, big SEXY eyes, nose ring, smooth soft lips, thin nose, and PERFECT facial bone structure! The first opener was a pretty popular band and everybody got excited and began to dance/sing along, including my target! I always start with my dick face DOWN and I just moved closer to her and her plump tight juicy teen ass was dancing on my NAKED dick! I ENJOYED every moment of it! My dick being flopped around slightly by her PLUMP TIGHT TEEN pretty white girl ass and it was pulsating and FLIPPING back up to her ass while it grew to the MAXIMUM size! I had to curl up a bit since I don't want my fully erect dick to be PUSHING her plump tight teen pretty white girl ass so suddenly and I don't want to hump her YET, not so fast! I focused my DICKHEAD in between her PLUMP TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl ass cheeks. and while she danced, it pushes in and OUT in and OUT of her SUPER FUCKING SOFT AND FIRM AND SMOOTH ass crevice! Frequently in a pattern, she dances HARD and medium tempo and my dick goes between her PLUMP TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl ass cheeks DEEP-DEEP-DEEP and LIGHT and FAST tempo, IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT-IN-OUT many fucking times! I had SO MUCH PRECUM leaking out of my penis, into the crevice between her PLUMP TIGHT TEENY SO-FUCKING-PRETTY WHITE GIRL ass cheeks!

And it is time! For HUMPING her PLUMP TIGHT TEEN SOOOOO-FUCKING-PRETTY WHITE GIRL ass and CUMMING in it!!! A good song started playing, and I had my dick in upwards position and I LEANED my calf-knee-thigh-pelvis-stomach area forward and the ENTIRE length of my penis AND balls were on her PLUMP TIGHT TEENY PRETTY white girl ass!!! She continued dancing in a MEDIUM and FAST TEMPO, and I was pretending to be cheering for the band and dancing, but my PELVIS area was grinding her ENTIRE SUPER PLUMP TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl JUICY ass below the stomach!!! I was going absolutely CRAZY!!! This is the feeling I have been fucking CRAVING, since January was a dry month and there were few shows in February!!! I kept HUMPING AND HUMPING HER ENTIRE ASS CREVICE and BUTTCHEEKS, doing FAST and HARD up and down, alternating side-way movements and also grinding DEEP into her TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl PLUMP TUSHY TUSHY in circles; counterclockwise, clockwise, AND alternating between them, in VARIOUS SPEEDS, SLOW, FAST, MEDIUM, SUPER-SLOW, grinding DEEPER and PUSHING DEEPER and HARDER, and doing a MIXTURE of EVERYTHING above, ALL WHILE LOOKING AT HER PRETTY WHITE GIRL FACE, EYES, THIN NOSE, SOFT AND SMOOTH LIPS, FACIAL BONE STRUCTURE, AND SOFT LONG SILKY BRUNETTE HAIR, and with her cheering AND dancing to the song, I lost control of myself and went to heaven...

BOTH my hands were holding her hips, my knees bent, and my dick was BURIED DEEP inside, IN BETWEEN her SUPER PLUMP TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl CUSHION CHEEKS, face up, TILTING in a 75-80 degree angle, and I ORGASMED and JERKED like I was a fucking maniac!!! All this while my nose and lips were buried in her lightly scented beautiful long brunette hair!!! I could feel my cum GUSHING INTO HER ASS with SUPER HIGH PRESSURE, hoping some would PIERCE her yoga pants material and go IN between her PLUMP TIGHT TEEN PRETTY white girl ass cheeks, and hopefully, her TEENY PRETTY white girl TIGHT PINK ASSHOLE!!! After this feeling-like-forever insane high calmed down to a functionable level, I backed off and relaxed a bit more, and felt her entire ass. There was a HUGE amount of semen in between her ass cheeks, so I took some and wiped it all over her plump tight teeny pretty white girl ass and also some on her beautiful long silky brunette hair to even it out.

This took me a while to write... I am hungry! I guess this is part 1, and part 2 will be for another time...

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