Starting anew

I went to the lounge I usually go to to start anew. Decided to go in without my camera and just enjoy a couple gropes. This place always has slutty bartenders and waitresses that are up for grabs as well. One stuck out like a sore thumb, she was this short petite girl wearing an extremely short tutu that had her panties and ass exposed! Like you didn't even have to upskirt her if you wanted to, just looking at her from behind gave you full view of her cheeks and black panties.

I saw her busy carrying 2 bottles through a crowd and ass she was passing grabbed a handful of ass, massaging it briefly like a crystal ball. I felt her ass tense up and she turned around, but since I reached through several people she thought another guy grabbed her ass, gave him a death glare and moved on. Later in the night a fight broke out and security was surrounding the guy and forcing him out the back door. A surge of about 10+ people were storming through and I used that chaos to grab a ton of ass in the meantime, including that waitress again.

It was nice to be back on the field again, but admittedly I miss recording, but I have to learn from my mistakes before I go back to that. There weren't too many memorable moments or cum shots that night so it didn't matter that I didn't have my camera, but for moments like when that girl grabbed my dick while I was dancing with her last Halloween was a legendary moment that's so much more satisfying on film.

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