Chinese new year on Chinatown

Hey dudes!

Last week the Chinese celebrated their new year (year of the dog!) and in Chinatown, here in Mexico City, there were a lot of celebrations. A lot of friends from the now defunct chikan website had recommended me to chikan there but this was the first time I actually went.

When I arrived I could realize there was a lot of potential. There were a lot of fucking people walking around. It was in downtown and it focused on 2 blocks of Chinatown. It was like a cross; on the vertical axis it was full of peddlers selling Chinese stuff, food and some fucking weird stuff like tasers. On the horizontal axis there were a lot of Chinese restaurants and here the main show would take place. Most of the vertical axis was filled with people looking around, so what I did was wait at the beginning of the street and when I saw a hot girl then I quickly placed myself behind her and then carry out the entire journey until there were no more peddlers. I grabbed and frotted a variety of asses for a good couple of hours. Most of the babes were consenting and the ones who weren’t just placed their backpacks on their back or swapped places with their friends or boyfriends. The quality of the women was very broad: From very hot girls, to ugly ones but with nice asses, to cute ones but flat…

Then suddenly there was a fucking seismic alert! Almost 5 months ago there was a huge earthquake in Mexico City (almost 400 people dead and several buildings collapsed) so everyone froze. The street which only a second ago was buzzing like a motherfucker now was eerily quiet (you could hear a pin drop!). Then everything started shaking, it was strong but nothing to do with the fucking horrible earthquake I’ve already told you). Well after a couple of minutes it passed and then everyone slowly returned to whatever the fuck they were doing. The influx of people didn’t decrease but I later found the following day that due to the fucking earthquake most of the main show had been cancelled.

At 7:30 PM the main show (only 1.5 hours of the original 5) was starting to take place. I got closer to the main stage and started looking for hot babes. I saw one 23 year old woman, with very short black denim shorts, a black blouse, black long curly hair, brown skin, not cute but not ugly either. Her ass looked amazing on those shorts. I quickly stood behind her but sadly realized she was with her fucking mother and she immediately realized my intentions. So she was checking me all the fucking time. I didn’t care and started working this denim shorts babe! She was fair game, immediately I realized that she wanted to be grinded by a hard cock. So I kept grinding her and when her mother told her to move she didn’t listen to her and continued giving me her ass. I really wanted to rub my bare cock on her ass and because of those tiny shorts I could’ve felt her bare skin on my cock. But her fucking mother was relentless and finally she yelled at her to fucking move to another place. Well now I had to search for another juicy prey and it didn’t take me long to see a THICC bitch. An 18 year old, really nice fat ass clad in jeans also, she was white, with long black hair and as soon as she felt my cock she threw her ass back to me! But the previous fucking situation repeated itself! She was also being guarded by her fucking mom but was also with her sister. Her mom was holding her with her arm on her shoulder but after 7 minutes of me working her daughter’s ass she realized what was happening and placed her fucking hand on her daughter’s right cheek, holding it inside her back pocket. Hahahahahha to me it’s funny when women use this supposedly defensive tactic of trying to protect their asses from being chikaned! This has happened to me several times and I always respond by thrusting my cock directly to their hands. Sometimes they get scared, others they like it and even want to play (one (and only) time a horny teen jerked me off on a bus!) and others they really get pissed off hahahaha! I did just this to her fucking mom (she was around 50 something years old, ugly, and really fucking fat!) but I thought this situation was too hot to miss. She didn’t react badly, she didn’t move her hand an inch so I pressed my hard cock even stronger against her hand and I could see her face when I was doing this. She wasn’t scared nor shocked so she didn’t care I was chikaning her hand and when her daughter moved my cock shifted to her nice fat ass! It was an extremely hot situation, chikaning both mother and daughter at the same time and both being really cooperative! I also started to grope the daughter’s ass just behind her mother’s arm. The daughter was the horniest of the three of us! Hahahahhaa . Now the show was in full throttle and there were dragons and lions dancing all around. Also a lot of firecrackers were lit and these dragons moved alongside the whole street so we shifted to see them passing by. When this happened I was able to grope the daughter’s tits (a very nice 36C cup) and she didn’t flinch a bit. But I was too greedy and fondled her right tit with my whole hand and I think she thought her mother caught us because after this the babe stopped letting me grind her ass. Told something to her mom and the three of them moved away from me.

Yet another time I had to find another prey. It was rather quick that I saw a very cute (I’d give her a 9.5) brunette, around 19 or 20 years old, green eyes, thin, she had an amazing ass clad in tight blue jeans and medium sized tits (32B). She was definitely the hottest woman I’d seen during the whole event. It took me some time, because we were now packed like fucking sardines but I finally placed myself behind her. But as the previous two girls, she was also being guarded… but by her fucking grandma! This fucking granny was already guarding her ass before I even started working her granddaughter. My lucky streak continued with this beautiful babe because as soon as she felt my fingers and palm on her butt she also reacted well. But the arm and hand of her fucking granny was well placed alongside her cheeks so I had to go beneath it and grope it with my only my fingers now. I placed my fingers just in the middle of her ass and then tried to go along through her crotch as deep as I could. I couldn’t go too far because then my hand would hit her grandma’s arm. I also started rubbing my cock on her ass cheeks but this time I really didn’t care too much to chikan her fucking granny (she was around 75 to 80 years old!) but nevertheless my cock also hit her hand and arm. She was shocked but didn’t move an inch her arm to keep protecting her granddaughter. This babe was really the prize of the night, what a horny babe that didn’t care that her fucking grandmother was just beside her and still allowed me to finger her, frott and grope her ass! Now she received a phone call. It was her mother telling her to move to another place to find her. When they started moving she managed to force her grandma to go first and now I had her ass all to myself. I didn’t hesitate a second and threw my hard cock against her amazing ass hard. She started walking and I kept myself glued to her (anyone seeing us must have guessed we were boyfriend and girlfriend). While she was walking my cock was grinding every inch of her sweet ass (it had almost the perfect blend of tightness and softness that makes you cum like crazy) and my cock moved like a rattle all over her perfect ass, now rubbing her right cheek now her left one, now in the middle. I grabbed my junk and placed it vertically so her ass would rub my hard cock with maximum stimulation. Also sometimes people shoved us and I took advantage of that and thrust my cock hard on the middle of her butt, just like a needle hahahahhaa to give her a deservedly earned shot of my meat! Now and then I pulled my sweatshirt up and rubbed my bare cock on that awesome ass and it felt like heaven! Sometimes I could see her pretty face and she was smiling! What a horny beautiful bitch and what an amazing moment is when you are chikaning a beautiful woman, with a great ass, who is also consenting and enjoying it! And with the fucking bonus that all of this is happening with her fucking grandmother just in front of her hahahahaha! All this walking around lasted around 5 to 7 minutes. I’d loved to nut on that hot ass but the movement of her ass walking alongside me was good, and felt even greater, but it was not enough to make me climax. I would’ve had to jerk off and then cum on her ass. But I hate that shit, only when I was a rookie chikan I jerked off and nutted on their asses. Now these sluts asses have to be the ones that do all the work to receive my man batter. Finally we got to a place where it was less crowded and now her grandma saw me and really freaked out. So with this in mind and with the spaces between her granddaughter and me it was way too dangerous to continue working her. A good 10 minutes passed and then they started walking to another place, but now granny was wise enough to grab her and place herself behind her just like I had done 15 minutes ago hahahahaha. Well that cute babe with her amazing ass was too difficult to match so I went to the subway and returned home. In total I worked 26 women that day. A great event for chikaning no doubt about it!


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