Re: Narflarf - Back in the game

Narflarf, I'm one of your biggest fans . . . that's why I need to tell you that . . . you don't need to do this man. I mean think about it. For what? You've got nothing to prove. Why risk legal troubles? Be safe up in the game and don't record. At least not for a while. Build back up your game and your confidence. Then decide. And if you do go straight back to recording, then for God's sake BE CAREFUL.

Don't let successes that happened in the past go to your head. A girl grabbing one's exposed dick and massaging it while you chikan butt fuck her is LESS than a once in a lifetime thing! It just doesn't happen! And don't assume for even a nanosecond that will EVER happen to you again! It's like getting a hole in one in golf. When it comes to chikan, plan for the worst, but HOPE for the best.

In other words, be CAUTIOUS! You must read your target and the surrounding crowd at ALL times. This is why a pro chikan is never drunk. And, this is why losing some of that focus and giving it to recording adds such an element of danger. And again, don't let past successes go to your head. It's always a new day when you're on a new set of hind parts. Remember that my friend. Good luck out there! Be safe. Do your job!

Brothers in Chikan,
Black Shogun

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