Humped and came on 16 year old teeny pretty white girl with a super tight and plump booty in yoga pants (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

Oh my god, I found this board last week and have read so many stories and love that they are similar to my interests. I love humping and coming on teeny pretty white girls with tight and plump butts, they are the only ones I hump and cum on. I try to look for them wearing yoga pants, soft booty shorts, rompers, or the best, soft short skirts and soft dresses! The best places are concerts and festivals!!! I have humped and cum on them so many times I can't even count! I'd say 3/4 of them knew what was going on and 1/4 was totally oblivious! Of the 3/4 that knew what was going on, I'd say 1/3 of them didn't care and let me do my thing! 1/3 of them knew and liked it! 1/3 of them knew and didn't like it and tried to move away! When they try to move away, I try to trap them and not let them move! I intimidate them and get them to stay and be still! I have done this since 2008 (10 years!) and have not gotten any problems with security/legal trouble! Many many many stories for me to tell, but all of them have a similar ending; I hump teeny pretty white girls with plump butts until I cum on them! I have traveled all over the US and parts of Europe during the best tours of artists and events just to hump teeny pretty white girls with plump butts! I have been to over 100 events in 2017 and that means I have humped and cummed on over 100 teeny pretty white girls with plump butts just in 2017! This happened every year for 10 years! (I think around 50 in 2008 since I started in the middle of summer and it was the best time to have started actually!) The most amount of times I have seen a particular band is 343 times! (In 10 years!) January was unfortunately a dead month, but I have been to 3 events in February so far! I have already booked 10 events in March, 20 in April, and 20 in May! Really can't wait to hump and cum on teeny pretty white girls with plump butts on a daily basis!

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