I'm a 24 year old chick who loves grinding


This may be very rare but I am a gal that loves the feeling of a cock on my ass in public. I love swaying my ass back and forth feeling the guy get hard, the concept that I have so much power over his dick and ultimately his body is an amazing feeling. It's been a huge fetish of mine and I'll confess I was excited to run across this forum.

As for my fetish it's kind of twofold: I love wearing tight yoga pants (lulus are my favorite :)) and grinding into a guy who is standing behind me in a line or in a bus. I love the feel of a boner on my thin tight stretchy pants Naturally clubbing is my favorite pastime as I can and do grind all sorts of guys there and get them super hard but lately I've been wanting to do this to guys outside of the club. If any of you are in Michigan hit me up lol.

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