Black Shogun - 'Quik' is the name

Even though there is a 'DJ Quick', the fella you're referring to is pictured.

His crowds are a mix of what I call post-modern L.A. - fairly wide ranging age-wise, can be fairly mixed ethnically depending on the location (where in the city) of the concert. Lots of young Latinas (primarily Mexicana) to MILF-type sisters (gotta be careful there, though - lol) in attendance.

It's been awhile since I've attended any of his shows. I used to go so regularly he would sometimes point me out in the crowd at some point during his shows.

I've spilt a lot of seed courtesy of DJ Quik and that's no joke! There have been memorable nutz as a result of being behind the right freak at the right moment.

At a Quik show several years ago, I met a late teen who was literally half my age. I noticed that she was proud of a photo that she had taken with DJ Quik at some point during the (then) recent past. She was showing that photo to anyone and everyone around her that would take notice.

I happened to notice not only the picture, but that she was by herself, as well as what she was wearing. While her jeans contained a fairly shapely ass, she was also wearing this halter top that showed off the flattest, toned tummy one could wish for.

Admittedly I feigned interest in her photo so I could move into her physical space. I had every intention of breaking out the chikan in me....but I didn't have to. She was at the barricade - I had the ease of access that I desire. But I noticed that while we conversing, she would actually kinda halfway turn toward me and jut her hip into my groin. The first time I though mere accident....misjudged the space between us....etc. But after about the 4th time, I knew it wasn't an accident.

Well as a result, I kicked it up a notch. Something I said - perhaps a joke - prompted her to turn fully around to face me. With as crowded as it had become, there was no more than a couple of inches between us. While we were engaged in conversation face-to-face, I leaned in so I could rub my clothed (commando style), yet hardened dick on the front of her left thigh. I kept it subtle whereby an observer would likely just think that I was shuffling my feet while conversing with the girl.

She gave absolutely no reaction....just kept conversing with me, while holding that thigh in position for me.

From that point, it was easy to see how things would end. During the opening act, there were a series (4?, 5?) disturbances in the crowd. Each time she reacted by standing up on her toes, looking back behind her, planting dem cheeks hard on me and holding them there. After the first thrust, I actually decided to give ground a bit as a didn't want the night to end prematurely.

Finally, the venue lights lowered to announce the entrance of Quik. With the cover of darkness, I decided to pounce by quickly mounting that girl. It took a grand total of TWO songs to finish!

Looking back, I know what really got me off. Recall she had that halter. When I pushed up on her, I lightly grasped her stomach. I can remember, essentially, caressing that flat stomach, then rubbing her with both hands in a circular motion. While doing that, my hips were on the swivel.

Busted long & hard!

Second most memorable DJ Quik action - Was with a fellow rider at the late, lamented Key Club. The Key Club was a small, small venue - depressed dance floor with a tight spot on the right side at the lip of the stage. Alternately, one could hang at the riser level above where a narrow counter top surface for drinks/food surrounded the stairwell. It was possible to get good bend/squat action here.

Anyhow, this particular night stared way slow. And, as I recall, the floor didn't fill completely fill up. As the night began to progress, my ridin' partner and I began to worry that this night might turn into a wasted night.

At some point I looked back behind us to spy a 30s-ish black/white duo near where we stood. Both were attractive, with the sister being particularly so.

While discussing them with my partner, we both noticed that they had begun to nudge forward in our direction.

Now, I'll cut some details here: We got them upfront, DJ Quik is on stage, and we are both getting that ride. During all that time up to this point, I hand't noticed the youngster to my right. I say "youngster" - definitely under 21...perhaps 19/20....judging by how she was dressed.

The best picture that would describe his girl is a picture of the old Dallas Cowboys fullback, Robert Newhouse. Google images of him - squat with thighs for miles. That was the girl to my right - although she had the bubble to top off those thighs.

That youngster was watching me get lightly bounced by the sister half of this dynamic duo my partner and I had lucked upon. I mean WATCHING! At one point, she turned so I could get a good gander of her....ooohhh weee!!!

Long story, short - that youngster stole me from that older sister. That girl worked me so hard....matter of fact, the original sister turned to see where I had gone, what I was doing, etc. In the meantime, the youngster, who actually had come with an older relative, was being urged to move (away). The girl said, "NO!!!"

Fast forward a couple of years later - the same girl is in attendance at another DJ Quik show at the Key Club. She was with friends this time. And when we recognized each other, she decided to separate herself from her friends. Another grand ridin' session ensued.

At the end of the night, as we all were exiting, I got a bit cocky. As she turned to pass me, I whispered a "thank you" (as in thanks for the nutz) into her ear. She responded by giving me a 'thumbs up' sign as she continued to pass me.

There have been others, just so many to mention. Thanks for reminding me of some of the best ridin' of my youth, Mr. Black Shogun & DJ QUIK!

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