I do agree with that, groups are certainly a higher level of risk.

But me personally, I tend to take it lol. I’ve had too many instances where they whisper to each other about my dick and let me continue. Obviously yes there’s the rare times they ‘out’ me but the success has outweighed the failures for me so more often than not in a concert I’ll still buttfuck her if she’s with her friends.

I still remember this one time that completely pisses me off recently. I had this ultra thick Indian teen/early-20s with a friend. I was buttfucking her AND grabbing her tits. I got too greedy and palmed her thick ass friend too and she clocked on, told her friend (who obviously already knew what I was up too), moved her away from me, and THEN continued to avoid me when the mosh pit allowed me to get back next to them.

Gotta hate these lame ass friends man.

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