Re: Buttmasher - Curvy White Girl Walking

OK bruh . . . but you gonna need more than 2 cents to get it LOL! Women like a man with decent clothes (extremely important to women), a nice car and watch/jewelry, and shined shoes. They are also impressed with a man who has his own nice crib and who smells good (also extremely important to women). I'm not saying you gotta be rich to pull hotties. But, it helps to be independent and have your shit in order, including your finances. These are the kind of men that women want to fuck. And find the right one, and she'll let you fuck her in her butt too! Now, as for chikan butt fucking, my answer to you is "no". I have not recently chikan butt fucked a white girl like that, although I have on many occasions in the past. Lately, I have "only" cornholed some pretty white girls like that straight dead up their tight, warm pooty holes like the real deal Holyfield LOL!

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