re: BigT - I think I know how they got you

IMO, his initial mistake was toying with a chick that was with friends. And from reading his story, sounds like the girl had at least couple of friends with her.

After it happened, they identified him. Security being able to later intervene is just the response to the initial act.

That's why I (more-or-less) coined that adage a bit further downpage - Not every target is worth the situation; not every situation is worth the target.

Speaking for myself, the only way I'm messing with someone that has "other eyes" is if those others are sloshed, or themselves preoccupied with ass-riders.

Another quick point from what I've observed - Even in the frisky, frolicking, fun atmosphere of the club/concert, rarely do you find TOTAL attitudinal alignment as a group of women gets larger. Lot of times, even if just a trio....we've discussed the 'mother hen' syndrome on these pages in the past....two are cool, the third is the third wheel - often purposely.

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