DJ Quick

There's an old school rapper named DJ Quick. Maybe some of you remember him. He had a song with the following lyrics: "First you get the power, then you get the money, and then you get the pussy!" DJ Quick understood one of the basic maxims of life. Which is that men with the money get the pussy! Now, it may not always be the prettiest pussy like Donald Trump gets. But trust me. If you have some money, then you WILL get some pussy. And more of if it! So, our "Guest 49" comments inspire little more than a "duh moment". Now these days, more and more women have their own money. And like Richard Pryor said, they got ALL the pussy LOL! But still, men have more money than women, and women want some of it. So, they will splay them legs (and some them butt cheeks) open WIDE for men of means. That's the way the world spins. So get with it. And then get some money. So you can get more pussy! And if some ignorant somebody tells you it don't count? Well, you just remember what DJ Quick said and grin while you count yo got damn MONEY!!!

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