Re Narflarf

Dude I am sorry to hear about your incident, I am a flasher/groper, got caught with my cock out a few times, but I have been lucky too, have cum on a few girls too, but one time a few years back I got careless and got seen by a plain clothed cop, did my time back then, but never stopped, I don't want to either.

I still do both, I have no intention of stopping, I only go bare cock as its the only thing that works for me, I LOVE the feeling of bare skin against my cock....but I have become VERY VERY cautious, you have to be, and as Guestz says I too have missed perfect chances by being too careful but I reason like this, its better to walk away from a near miss than push it and regret it...why? simply because there will always be another teen slut can get the most amazing "nut" against the softest arse then turn around and see another hot girl you want...they are everywhere and a new batch of teen sluts matures every year.

If you stop good, if you after a few weeks decided its time to get back in the fray then remember to be cool, calm and collected, never get complacent...or obsessed with one girl/s move on be aware of your surroundings.

Good luck!

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