re: Narflarf - Turning over a new leaf

From a legal standpoint, the act of frottuerism is, in most U.S. jurisdictions, classified as sexual battery. It crosses the line into assault if the victim is underage, or - more recently, as a result of advocating by law enforcement & victims rights groups - when ejaculate is in evidence on a victim.

Other legal considerations - if there have been previous instances of sexual deviancy, if the victim wishes to press charges, if the victim is a reluctant witness, etc.

Where the incident occurs - Public setting (i.e. - beach, street crowd, etc) vs. "Private" setting - (a club is a private setting.) will have a bearing. Having such an incident happen in the private setting tends to have a better outcome since the outcome is at the discretion of individuals/entities tasked with representing the venue. In other words, you're likely to at least be removed/ejected; at worst - roughed up a bit while being ejected.

I relate this because I've both witnessed outcomes, as well as have heard stories directly from guys that were affected by specific outcomes.

Ultimately, its best to be wary rather than throw caution into the wind. Not every target is worth the situation; Not every situation is worth the target.

Again, develop that mindset that allows you to move/walk away without regret.

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