Re: Narflarf

I know how you are feeling right about now, Narflarf. But not to sway you one way or the other, I’ll tell you a story that happened to me years ago and how I dealt with it.
I like women’s thighs, and when I was young I never missed a chance to grope them. Anywhere I went I was on the hunt. To keep the story short, on the job I had there were plenty of opportunities to grope and I did-for years. But one day I got carried away (key words) and groped one that I thought was a willing partner. She wasn’t! And I got fired from that job. Luckily there were some other circumstances that kept me from being prosecuted. From then on I knew to never push my luck when it came to this. You can get away with some touches, but only to a certain point. All I’ll say is, I learned over time where thatpoint is. I’ve never had a problem since, at least with the groping. Nowwhen it comes to “pulling it out”, I have had one close call, but I’ve learned how to avoid that too. One thing I learned is this: the more often you do this game, The sloppier you can become. So my way of operating is to only occasionally participate in this thing. It kills me to see all that some of you do in your writings, but if you think about it the guys that “disappear” are usually the most active. They’re the ones that are on the trains, in the clubs, at all the gatherings, the malls, etc.. I go out 3 times a year, at the big outdoor festivals and the train rides to and from those festivals, and that is pretty much it for me. I used to hit the beaches every weekend when I live out west. But that became risky and it was good (for my freedom probably) that I left. Like I said, cut back on you activity drastically and you’ll reduce the risk too. Another plus to reducing the activity? When you do go out you’ll be extra nervous, at least I am, and you’ll be more careful testing targets and careful overall. Sometimes I’m so careful that I find myself missing-out on perfectly safe targets! But I’d rather miss ones than get into trouble. I’m sure some may disagree with me but oh well. I think that because I’ve cut-back so much over the years, when I do decide to stop it won’t be so hard.

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