Turning over a new leaf

That was a huge shocker for me, and it still is. Really made me realize the severity of my actions. In the eyes of the law sexual assault is sexual assault, and the guy who bumps his crotch up against women at a concert or festival is looked at the same as the guy who shoves a woman into an alley and forces himself on her. For a few seconds or minutes of pleasure really doesn't seem worth spending months or years in jail.

Then there's the whole being ostracized from your family and friends once it gets out. I just don't want things to escalate any further, I remember a time when I got into watching groping videos, never thinking I'd be brash enough to actually try something so risky and here I am. God forbid if I had a rape fetish.

If anything guys just be safe out there, you have a lot to lose for a little reward. I've seen far too many accounts on xhamster suddenly vanish which leads me to believe the worst...

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