Narlaf getting caught

Mine it's been twice at this spot were registration of young lads takes place being escorted by parents esp female ones when you are 18 yrs and you want to get a national registration card. This place usually is full to capacity esp when schools are closed. Used to go to this spot almost every day not knowing that one of the officers who does registration has always been seeing me and knows all what I do to ladies there, you know I would pretend as if I am on the queue or in that small crowd pretending as if I am also collecting my registration card or not and sometimes i would even follow the ladies there up to even the inside of the room.

So one day i was busy humping with no pants at all and with my phone busy trying to take my chikan photos when this officer called me and explained exactly that i do hump women at that place and he gave me a smack on my face, saying he was going to take me to central police station which was just 100 mts away. I tried to defend my self but to no avail. Then he requested to see what i was doing and i said nothing, then thank God this lady the officer's work mate told this man to let go of me and not to repeat. And in no time i disappeared from that scene thanking God for rescuing me cause, if i was taken to the police for sure i was going to be headlines as cases of these type rarely occur and in that period that's when i took dowry to the family of my wife to be.

Man u fan

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