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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 06 Sep 2013 23:43:39 GMT)

Concert coming up soon

I have a concert coming out soon. Artist is fairly popular, views in the millions on her youtube MVs. I am planning on bringing a backpack and a hoodie tomorrow. But, I am not sure if I should really bring my backpack because the only reason I am is because I am going to put my stuff in there, so I won't lose them. I also am planning on putting my hoodie in there if it is inconvenient. The ho

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Tue 24 Sep 2013 03:53:50 GMT)

Dayglow / Life in Color

Damn, I wanna go to Dayglow / Life in Color, but its $70 a ticket and there's gonna be paint everywhere, which is no good. I'm not sure if there is really going to be paint everywhere, but I see them soaked in the front row. I wonder how the center of the crowd will be. My local dayglow will be crowded as fuck because I live in a big city, so its going to be a guaranteed nut with all th

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 26 Sep 2013 15:35:43 GMT)

Dayglow / Life in Color

I've decided on going to Life in Color. Korn is just a regular concert and there are many of those in a year, but Dayglow is only once a year! Tomorrow is the day.If only I could film it on my phone, but paint might get over it! I don't know how I'm going to film it, I've thought of putting plastic over it, but paint might just get on it. Any tips? Also, another reason I decided on going to Dayglow is that the paint is slippery and wet, doesn't dry easily. And as Blackstroke said, I could cum on many and it'll still be as if nothing happened! Also thinking of what glasses to wear to it. A cheap pair of sunglasses? Goggles? Fake glasses? Help me decide guys.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 10 Oct 2013 02:08:02 GMT)

groinrubber concert

Yo Groinrubber. Who's concert are you attending? I got another concert coming up in 2 weeks too. Sold out and 90% teen girls. Can't wait for It. Gotta get there early and be in the first 3 rows. I know the teen sluts will be going crazy for the artist.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 11 Oct 2013 17:45:51 GMT)

Groinrubber concert

It is in philly. Its all going to be fangirls of the artist there. Because the artist is only 17! Jesus, can't wait.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Tue 24 Dec 2013 05:36:42 GMT)

Merry Xmas videos

Happy holidays!



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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 28 Dec 2013 05:06:33 GMT)

This guy...


Nuff said.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 30 Jan 2014 23:57:02 GMT)


Hey armhumper, got any stories with hot white women that you would like to share?

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 31 Jan 2014 05:39:30 GMT)

Re: guest - TrendyChikan - Armhumper

I don't want to sound impolite and straight up ask "Lol, you only frot black women?". That would be completely ignorant.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 20 Feb 2014 05:07:45 GMT)

Lounge pants

I am thinking of getting a pair. Found these on Amazon, good reviews and have a button fly, but it's expensive.


Anyone can find a pair like this with button fly and is cheaper? Thanks.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 07 Mar 2014 06:02:48 GMT)

Had a blast tonight.

Probably had my best groping experience so far tonight, groped around 100 teen asses, bum fucked around 20, poked my dick HARD into their butt cracks, around 5 of those. Didn't came because it was extremely frantic and was hot as shit, but I groped so god damn much, all teens too.

The concert was 99% teens, around 90% of them in spandex/leggings/cotton tights. Venue was around 2.5k people. But holy shit, the crowd is fucking crazy, like, I was squished constantly by all 4 sides, that's why I couldn't come, not comfortable enough.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 08 Mar 2014 05:23:45 GMT)

RE:RE:The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan

I was actually like in the 10-15th row, and it was still crowded as shit. I wanted to move further up, but I arrived late to the show(I thought I was 30 minutes early, but however, the gates opened before I was there). Like wtf? The venue usually has a line before the actual time the gates open.

I guess it is cold as shit out right now and they don't want people to wait in the cold. I

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 13 Mar 2014 04:09:35 GMT)

The deal with Shogie

I'm tired of all this bullshit talk to Shogie. I know this post shouldn't be here, but I don't want to post on that lame ass board. Shogie honestly didn't do anything wrong. Please hop off Shogie's dick and contribute. Life is short.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Thu 10 Jul 2014 02:22:48 GMT)


Yeah, just ignore them Shogie/Groin. No one goes to abuse board anyway. People come here for this board, the abuse board is for dickheads lol.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 02 Aug 2014 03:29:42 GMT)

Another victim


Begins at 3:17

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Wed 08 Oct 2014 22:55:22 GMT)

Recording attempt

My attempt of recording in one of the rock/metal fests I went to recently. Part 2 coming soon.


The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Wed 15 Oct 2014 04:37:36 GMT)

Part 2 of the video

Dammnit, xHamster keep getting an error every time I try to upload part 2. Part 2 is the part where I have my dick in her ass. Here's part one.


The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 17 Oct 2014 05:21:45 GMT)

Xhamster video conversion error

I keep getting video conversion error whenever I try to upload part 2 to xhamster. It is a .mov file, same as part 1 and part 3, but somehow, the error is only for part 2... Anyone know where I can convert the file to another xhamster compatible format? It has to be able to convert 600mb cuz my file size for part 2 is 5XX mb.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Mon 20 Oct 2014 06:02:00 GMT)

Part 2

Part 2 is up, but it is on Motherless since xhamster is being gay.



The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 21 Nov 2014 06:01:23 GMT)

Recent concert

Had a blast few days ago in a rock/metal concert. Dug my naked dick deep inside this emo chick's crack wearing spandex pants and nutted after a few mins whilst holding her hips and fingering her pussy through her pants. I was literally humping the shit out of her like a dog. I don't think anyone noticed because it was extremely crowded, maybe someone from the 2nd floor, but I doubt it.

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 22 Nov 2014 00:46:56 GMT)

1st part of video uploaded

Most of the action is covered by my large t-shirt, but you can see that my naked dick is deep in her crack at the times that shown.


Any tips on recording in these extremely packed events?

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 22 Nov 2014 18:04:03 GMT)

Part 2 is up!

Here's the 2nd part of the concert, the visually good part.



The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sun 23 Nov 2014 00:14:44 GMT)

Part 3 of video

Somehow, I skipped over a good video in the series. There will be a part 3 featuring my dick in her crack. Stay tuned.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Wed 03 Dec 2014 04:02:57 GMT)

Part 3 video series

Part 3 is up boys.


This was after I spermed on her ass though, so it was hard getting hard.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Fri 12 Dec 2014 05:55:05 GMT)

Teen spandex ass

Damn, I'd be in fucking heaven if I can get behind one of these teens in a sardine packed concert, especially the one in with PINK.


Tal.king about teen-girl concerts, I got one coming righhht up. ~95% teen girls. I hope I don't jinx myself, I usually do.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Mon 29 Dec 2014 23:53:31 GMT)

Shoges' videos

Very nice finds.

I would love to contact the owners of the videos and talk with them on how to record during these concerts.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sun 22 Feb 2015 04:34:49 GMT)


The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Mon 11 May 2015 06:23:12 GMT)

Recent concert Part 1

Hello everyone. I recently went to a concert and had a very good time there. The audience was around 80% teen girls. I have groped many asses in jeans/daisy dukes, and 2 in those business suit material type of pants, one of them wearing them in sweatpant form(she was fucking beautiful, I would've really talked to her and asked her out/for her number, but I was alone and she was like 16-18 and

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Sat 01 Aug 2015 15:18:37 GMT)

Had a great time

Had a great time tonight at this concert with 95% teen girls. Went in 30 minutes after the doors and 30 mins before concert start. Went to the restroom and then entered the crowd. I got a little bit into the crowd and couldn't advance anymore, so I stood there. Fat girl was to my front left and blonde teen that's a little chubby with a nice ass was to my front right. I thought she was we

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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Tue 04 Aug 2015 04:10:38 GMT)

Videos are up (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

Hey everyone. The videos corresponding to my last post/story has been uploaded.



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The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Tue 04 Aug 2015 06:25:53 GMT)

Forgot to mention (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

She was with a skinny brunette friend(I think it was her best friend, my player's phone home screen is a slutty picture of them), which I tried to touch, but she wouldn't let me. She was trying to push me away lightly occasionally and elbowed me a few times lightly away from her friend. Too bad for her, my player was enjoying it haha.

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Wed 05 Aug 2015 01:29:49 GMT)


Not even close :)

The Sexy Frotteur: TrendyChikan (Wed 05 Aug 2015 01:39:34 GMT)

@Other guest

My last post was directed to the guest thinking that I'm from Ireland. This post is directed to the guest's concern about no.11 and 12. Sadly, I did not film my cumshot. I think no. 7 and 8 were from before my cumshot and 9 and 10 were from after my cumshot.

When the main act came on, everyone started to rush towards the stage. I knew the crowd is going to be very jumpy, they wer

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